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composite deck cleaning

How do you clean composite decks?

Before applying any water, we sweep the floor or spray it off to clear any loose debris and leaves, after which we pour warm water on the floor to prepare it for the soap.  We then prepare a soap and water solution, which we use to scrub the floor while applying enough pressure to penetrate the grooves and clear away dirt. This method is efficient in removing oil and grease as well as mildew and mold. 

We may also use a pressure washer with a maximum of 3100 psi and a soap dispenser to remove dirt and mud. Using a pressure washer with a greater psi than 3100 is not recommended since it could damage the boards and void the warranty. To remove snow and ice from the deck, we use a plastic shovel. We can also melt it from the surface using calcium chloride or rock salt.

Do you seal composite decks?

Sealing a composite deck is not mandatory, but we recommend it. Sealing will minimize the need for periodic cleaning. It also aids in color restoration and the cleaning process once your composite deck needs maintenance. However, we will have to reseal it from time to time to maintain its good appearance.

Do you stain composite decks?

Like any surface exposed to UV rays, weather, and moisture, composite decking can still fade and have other undesirable effects. Staining your composite deck is essential to keep it looking great over the years. However, the latest composite materials have been designed to withstand UV rays better. Therefore, they do not need staining or sealing since they are not prone to fading and brittleness like earlier manufactured composite materials.

What is a composite deck maintenance plan?

An ideal composite deck maintenance plan would be where we come to clean your deck multiple times throughout the year. Not only does it keep your deck looking great throughout the year, but it is also a smart saving compared to doing it once a year. To learn more about how we can improve your deck’s look, feel, and functionality, please contact us.

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