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Inspiring Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Bergen, NJ

There’s something about walking into a room and feeling very comfortable and at ease. As any homeowner eventually learns, this type of feeling occurs when a room is not only beautiful but beautiful and functional. This is especially true when it comes to bathrooms.

This is one reason why bathroom remodeling projects remain high on many homeowners’ wish lists. A successful bathroom remodeling project ensures homeowners have an area that genuinely works for them. A space that works well as they prepare to go about their day and again in the evening as they transition from a busy day to a restful evening.

Big-Picture Bathroom Remodeling Trends

A bathroom that functions seamlessly while also offering a spa-like atmosphere will likely involve investment in key big-picture items. Some of the latest trends in big-picture investments for the bathroom include radiant floor heating, automatic humidity (exhaust fans with a sensor to eliminate humidity), and steam-sensing ventilation, increasing the size of the shower area, upgrading home systems to add a tankless water heater and a water softener, and making major changes such as changing the overall layout of the bathroom. The latter may involve modifying some of the bathroom walls or even changing the location of the bathroom altogether.

While these changes are a big investment, the post-renovation pay-off of making big-picture modifications is truly remarkable. Not only do homeowners have an attractive space they visually admire every day, but they also have a space that proves its worth over and over because the everyday hassles formerly associated with using the space are gone for good.

Vanities Remain in High Focus

Some homeowners are fortunate enough to have a vanity space that is sufficient in size, and they need to improve its aesthetics. For others, ensuring adequate vanity space may be one of the big-picture changes required. Either way, a beautiful vanity that is large enough to accommodate double sinks and mirrors, along with ample storage and counter space, and perhaps most importantly, conducive lighting, remains very high on just about everyone’s wish list for the bathroom area.

Transitional Style Takes a GREAT Leap Forward

There’s a reason why the transitional style is so wildly popular today. It’s both vintage and modern, minimalist, and warm and inviting.

Homeowners who choose to incorporate a transitional style for their bathroom remodeling project can be comfortable with their decision. They’ll create a stunning space that will feel like a true sanctuary for years.

Shower Updates Remain Popular

Beyond a doubt, nothing transforms a regular bathroom into a spa-like experience, so much as a premier shower space. Time-tested additions include increasing the shower size to accommodate seating and product storage areas. These multiple shower heads include body sprayers and rainfall shower heads, and multi-function lighting.

Thoughtful technology options are also making their way into the shower area. Some of the latest technologies for the shower area include digital, wall-mounted interfaces to control the shower temperature easily, music/news/streaming TV options, lighting, and perhaps even a nearby fireplace. As mentioned, using technology such as a ventilation system that automatically detects humidity and steam ensures that mirrors are readily available for use after the warmest shower and the overall bathroom space remains mold-free for years to come.


If you’re looking to complete a bathroom remodeling project in Bergen, NJ, we’d love to help. Our designers, artisans, and carpenters can transform your vision of the perfect bathroom space into a relaxing retreat. Contact us today!

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