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Top 3 Interior Painting Trends 2023

Paint color trends and predictions for 2023 are already coming out.

Designers and home interior design experts are weighing in, sharing their thoughts and insights into what colors and styles they believe will be popular in the coming year. They are also sharing their forecasts for what current trends will be getting the boot, what is working in homes, and what we will be seeing more of concerning top interior paint colors for 2023.

Interior Painting Trends 2023

First, a step back, when we are talking about the trends we saw as an interior Painting company here in Bergen County, NJ, in 2022, we are talking about natural colors.

We saw most homeowners we worked with choose shades of green, natural hues, and warm tones. Overall the theme was a ‘return to nature,’ and this was just not here in Bergen, NJ; this theme was seen throughout the market.

2023's color scheme is predicted to be all about self-expression.

Among paint predictions are cool, soothing blues, neutrals, and warm earth tones. Below are the top 3 interior painting trends 2023 predictions:

Spanish Moss

In place of the sharp, bright whites of earlier decades, calming colors like green are quickly replacing them as the new neutral in interior design. Krylon chose Spanish Moss, a deep forest green that bows to nature, as their color of the year for 2023. The spray paint color fits well with everything and updates furniture and decor.

Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush, a vivid red-orange, is Benjamin Moore‘s choice for the color of the year in 2023. It is joyful and bright. The vibrant color gives a space bright, vibrant appearance that is everything but shy.

Redend Point

Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams is a blush and beige combination with subtle pink undertones that warm up walls. The calming color feels particularly fashionable right now as homeowners use earth tones to make their interior spaces cozy and joyful.

Other cool color trends for 2023 include Rustic Greige, Vining Ivy, Canyon Ridge, and Terra Rosa.

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