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Power washing can remove years of dirt and grime from your home and surrounding masonry, giving you instant curb appeal. But if you’ve never hired a Bergen power washing company before, how do you know which one is the best?

Bergen Wash and Seal recommends discussing the following three questions with any power washing company you’re considering–even us!

  • Is the company licensed and insured?

    Sure, anyone can buy a pressure washer, but you should only be hiring professionals to power wash your home. Why? Besides years of experience, you need a company that is licensed and insured. Further, you want the correct kind of insurance for the work you’re going to have done. If anything goes wrong during the power washing of your home, you want to make sure it’s covered! In Bergen, check the company vehicle for a green sticker to ensure that they are licensed to work in your area.

  • What kind of solutions or chemicals are being used?

    It’s common that water and washing runoff will seep into your plant beds and grass, so it’s important that you know what chemicals are being used. We recommend only hiring a company that doesn’t use harmful solutions or chemicals. Some of our competitors even use homemade solutions in unlabeled bottles, but we never hide what we’re using. All of our cleaning products are environmentally safe for you and your landscaping.

  • What equipment do you use?

    There are two kinds of power washers: gas and electric. Electric is weak and won’t get your entire job done efficiently or powerfully enough. The point of pressure washing is intense water pressure, right? Don’t settle for anything less than gas, which is the strongest way to remove dirt, grime, and moss from your pavers, siding, and patio.

    A few last things to note when hiring a Bergen pressure washing company:

    • Make sure all workers are screen checked. You need reliable service and deserve to know that reliable workers will be coming to your home.
    • Don’t hire a company from too far of a distance away. This could cause complications when it comes to time billing, travel expenses and should anything go wrong, repairs and replacement services.

Keep these questions in mind when reviewing Bergen power washing companies and you’ll feel more confident in the service you’re buying.

Give us Bergen Wash and Seal a call today to discuss how our pressure washing services can clean up your home and surroundings!

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