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Here at Bergen Wash and Seal we often get questions about our roof cleaning services that made it clear. Here in Bergen and we imagine elsewhere homeowners do not fully understand or perhaps even misunderstand what a roof wash is, what soft washing is and how they differ.

We wrote this article to help differentiate the difference between roof cleaning aka roof washing and roof replacement as well as take some time to define all the terms associated with professional exterior washing that we use throughout our site and within our day-to-day operations.

We’re proud and honored that our clients and the Bergen community as a whole trust Bergen Wash and Seal and look to us for professional service and advice.

Truth be told we know there are many roof washing companies in Bergen and we understand that some of them may not be as committed to customer education as we are…we hope to be recognized as a trusted local company and resource for homeowners to look to for information as it relates to our services.

What is a Roof Shampoo is it a fancy word for a roof cleaning?

While the term “roof cleaning” may evoke thoughts of a guy on a ladder hosing down or power washing your roof the truth is those methods are highly ineffective and can even be damaging to asphalt roofing shingles.

When cleaning a roof, the proper method is known as roof shampoo or soft washing. These terms are used to describe the use of an eco-friendly, non-damaging cleanser combined with light water pressure. Just because the water pressure is not high doesn’t mean the results aren’t powerful! Roof shampoos deliver results – you can see in just one treatment!

Is Roof Shampoo bad for the environment?

Nope! Bergen Wash and Seal’s roof shampoo service is completely Eco-friendly. The cleaning solutions we use for shampooing roofs, decks, siding, cement, and bricks will not damage your property or landscaping.

Does your roof have moss, mold or unsightly black stains?

A roofing contractor may tell you to replace your roof when all it really needs is a professional roof shampoo from a skilled, professional roof cleaning company like Bergen Wash and Seal.

Roof washing (soft washing) will restore and revitalize your roof for a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

Roof Cleaning vs Roof Replacement

While a new roof, depending on the material, should last anywhere from 15 to 50 years, many homeowners are replacing their roof much more often.
The reason for this is the aesthetic and structural damage caused by a lack of proper maintenance.

Homeowners are often unaware that, in many cases, a roof cleaning can remove the stains and algae growth, making a roof look brand new and making replacement unnecessary. The only time a roof replacement is really the only option is when there is already significant damage.

My roof has moss, mold and unsightly black stains. A roofer told us we need a new roof but it is not leaking.

We hear this often, “ a roofing contractor told me I need to replace my roof” then we come out to have a look and after we check the roof it is fine, it just needs a wash. The sad truth is most roofers only profit from installations and roofing material manufactures need to sell new shingles. You can see the problem here. Roof washing (soft washing) will restore and revitalize your roof for a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

Please never hesitate to contact my team with questions directly – we are working to build our reputation in the area as a trusted expert in-home care and upkeep.

At Bergen Wash and Seal, Our mission is to provide Bergen County homeowners the finest power-washing, Soft Washing, Deck Restoration, Exterior Painting, Staining and Sealing service found anywhere.

We are a locally owned and ecologically mindful company. Our clients’ complete satisfaction is our highest priority.


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